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Propagation of Solar Technologies Global Consultancy Services is a non-profit organisation with the aim of furthering everybody's awareness of the importance of the Sun in all its aspects - good and bad - technical and health-wise. We believe than mankind can benefit hugely from knowledge of everything; from the destuctive effects of solar storms on the technology that is so important to us, to using solar power in stead of the ill-chosen current "sustainable" energy sources, to the effects of sunlight on our health and welfare, to choosing your vacation spot as Florida, USA because of the high ozone content above Florida's skies because of our state's (also known as "The Sunshine State") favorable geomagnetic position. 

Our organisation brings together individuals from the global community who really care about the environment, and with in-depth knowledge about the Sun, solar activty, physics, systems, engineering and health sciences. We know that the Sun is the biggest influence by far on just about every aspect of our lives. Global weather systems are driven almost exclusively by solar energy. Every single plant on earth can only photosynthesize using solar radiation, all of our fossil energy sources were intially built up using solar power. Even our suntanning habits are influenced by the sun: a person can spend much more time on the beach in Florida, USA than, say, Cape Town, South Africa because the earth's geomagnetic configuration allows hard solar space radiation to deplete more ozone above Cape Town than above Florida.

We aim to help civilization, including both developed nations and developing nations, become aware of heeding the Sun and in the process make the right choices about energy, technology and health.

We would like to see developed nations take a hard look at their "sustainable" energy choices from a systems point of view and for developing nations to learn from the mistakes currently being made when they implement alternative power systems. The current beliefs are that parasitic power generation systems such as wind power, wave power and tidal power systems are fine and good. Current wisdom says that the amount of power drawn by these systems from the environment is negligible and cannot affect the climate - locally or globally. If only the most rudimentary systems knowledge is applied to this argument it can be shown that this is not very wise. All natural systems are complex (in the scientific sense of the word) and one adds to- (or in this case exctracts from-) energy in any sub-system at ones peril! Take the case of the winds carrying moisture to a mountain range, such as the Alps. Place an obstacle in the path of the wind, and it will simply find another path to get to the mountain and deposit its snow in the right place. But extract energy from the wind system by putting thousands of wind generators in the way, and the moisture never makes it to the highest peaks. Suddenly winter ski resorts become hiking spots because not enough snow falls, glaciers do not get sustained and start receding, and rivers fed by glacier melts start drying up. The problem with complex systems in nature is that they are very hard to predict exactly; but fortunately complexity theory can help us to see what will happen somewhere in the natural system that is being interfered with.